The Vegetarian Italian Restaurant for You - SALVO by Pasta Fresca

Taking Care of Your Needs with No Compromise 

When it comes to dietary restrictions and preferences, every one of our diners is different. While some of our customers prefer the hearty Italian cuisine that we are well known for, there are also many diners who are looking for a vegetarian Italian restaurant to call their new favourite. The search is over, SALVO by Pasta Fresca is here for you.

We have menu items that can fulfil your dietary requirements and still pack a punch in the flavour department. Vegetables, nuts, and grains and more can be found in many of our dishes, so you will always have a choice when it comes to your meal with us.

A Full Menu of Choices

At SALVO by Pasta Fresca, you can have the full Italian restaurant dining experience while ensuring that your vegetarian diet is taken care of.

Check out our soup of the day that is made fresh daily, or start things off with our focaccia bread or the crowd-pleasing Bruschetta Tomato & Avocado. No one can resist our Truffle Fries Parmigiano, and you should not have to, a meal is to be savoured! Our menu also offers fresh salad options, making sure you get your daily dose of healthy greens.

The signature fresh pasta of SALVO by Pasta Fresca can also be enjoyed by our vegetarian customers, with our stuffed, short, and long pastas complemented by the many different bases to create unforgettable gastronomical memories. The Creamy Lemon Zucchini and Truffle Porcini comes highly recommended from both guests as well as our chefs in the SALVO by Pasta Fresca kitchen.

Of course, you can always partake in the desserts and get yourself a drink to complete your meal. At SALVO by Pasta Fresca, you will always have plenty of choices.